Guthiddai was built in a unique land, surrounded by both mountains and sea. This convenient location makes it a great spot for thrilling adventures via land to discover Supramonte’s secrets, and relaxing days by the beach, swimming in the crystal clear waters of Orosei’s Gulf.

Our Supramonte will amaze you with its striking landscapes and breathtaking views.

You’ll have the chance to climb its highest peak, the Corrasi Mountain, that once was a haven for bandits and outlaws.

At the foot of this mount, there is the majestic Lanaitto Valley, where you will find unique caves, such as Sa Oche and the Corbeddu Cave, and the karst spring Su Gologone, a Natural Monument of Sardinia.

This spring is connected to the Cedrino river, one of the longest rivers in Sardinia. Get kayaking and you’ll be able to admire some enchanting landscapes and deep canyons that are impossible to reach by land.

In about 30 minutes you could reach Italy’s deepest canyon: Su Gorropu, a suggestive karst gorge located in Orgosolo’s Supramonte.