Guthiddai was built in a unique land, surrounded by both mountains and sea.

This convenient location makes it a great spot for thrilling adventures via land to discover Supramonte’s secrets, and relaxing days by the beach, swimming in the crystal clear waters of Orosei’s Gulf.


Our Supramonte will amaze you with its striking landscapes and breathtaking views.

You’ll have the chance to climb its highest peak, the Corrasi Mountain, that once was a haven for bandits and outlaws.

At the foot of this mount, there is the majestic Lanaitto Valley, where you will find unique caves, such as Sa Oche and the Corbeddu Cave, and the karst spring Su Gologone, a Natural Monument of Sardinia.

This spring is connected to the Cedrino river, one of the longest rivers in Sardinia. Get kayaking and you’ll be able to admire some enchanting landscapes and deep canyons that are impossible to reach by land.

In about 30 minutes you could reach Italy’s deepest canyon: Su Gorropu, a suggestive karst gorge located in Orgosolo’s Supramonte.


It would be a real pity to come to Sardinia and don’t swim in its crystal clear sea.

Orosei’s Gulf holds some of the most striking beaches of the whole island, like Cala Luna and Goloritzé. You can reach them by foot through a mountain path, surrounded by the Mediterranean bush, and come back on a boat.

By boat, you can also reach the ‘Sea Ox’ Caves, that once were the habitat of the endangered species of Mediterranean monk seals.


Sardinia is well-known for its natural wonders but also for its rich, thousand-years-old history.

In this area there are many interesting landmarks, like the remains of Tiscali, a village built over 3000 years ago inside a sinkhole.

If you are interested in Nuragic culture, we suggest a visit to Sa Sedda ‘e sos Carros, an archaeological site made up of huts and a well-preserved nuragic sacred fountain.

Close to Dorgali you can find the remains of a Nuraghe, an ancient and mysterious building built during the Bronze Age by the Nuragic Civilization.

Are you an art lover? Stop by the MAN, Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro, and have a look at their curated collection of works by Sardinian artists, such as Costantino Nivola, Mario Delitala e Maria Lai.

Take a stroll down Orgosolo’s colourful streets. On the buildings’ walls, there are over 150 vibrant murals, which make the whole village look like an amazing open-air art exhibition.

Avid readers will definitely love to visit the Museo Deleddiano, set inside the native house of Grazia Deledda, who receive a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926.

If folklore and mystic traditions fascinate you, we suggest the Museo del Costume in Nuoro, which showcases an incredible collection of traditional costumes and jewels, and Mamoiada’s Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee, where you can learn the secrets of Sardinia’s traditional carnival masks and costumes.

Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee
Oliena in festa

Not to be missed!


Every year, during Easter Day in Oliena the locals celebrate “S’Incontru”, a unique event that attracts tons of tourists.
It’s a religious procession introduced by the Spaniards during the XV century, it aims to commemorate and re-enact the meeting between Holy Mary and Risen Christ. The locals usually dance in their traditional costumes and the whole event is paced by people firing blanks.

You should taste: Sas Hasadinas, sun-shaped pies filled with molten cheese. Try out the sweet version too!

Ferragosto (15th of August)

During the religious procession for the 15th of August you will be able to appreciate the beauty of Oliena’s traditional costumes.

Fairs and festivals

During summer, most town celebrats festivals for their patron saint. The festivals usually last several days and they offer many entertaining events, such as concerts and horseback processions.

Festivals near to the Agriturismo:

– Orosei, between the 22nd and the 26th of July;

– Dorgali, between the 14th and the 17th of August;

– Oliena, between the 18th and the 23rd of August,

– Nuoro, between the 26th and the 29 of August.

Autunno in Barbagia

This event was created in Oliena during the 90s and was called ‘Cortes Apertas’ – literally open courtyards – because some of the village’s houses “opened” their courtyards to showcase their best food and crafts.

This tradition was soon picked up by other towns in Barbagia and nowadays, from September until December, you can visit this area to experience the authentic soul of Sardinia.

You should taste: Sos pappascinos, biscuits with raisins typically baked for All Saints’ Day.